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Lesson Plans and Preparation for an Author Visit

Molly and the Magic Suitcase books potentially support lessons in reading, geography, history, art, and culture. Find some ideas below, or click a specific title for lesson plans.

  • Read the books to the students. Use Google Earth to help introduce and talk about the specific places that are featured in the books.
  • Use blank outlines of Molly and Michael so the students can create their own Molly or Michael. Have students draw a background of a favorite place they’ve traveled and paste Molly or Michael into their background. Click here for printable outlines.
  • Have students take a Molly or Michael cutout with them on trips or around the area to photograph them in different places. Kids can bring in their photos and write about where they traveled.
  • Have the kids make Molly and Michael bookmarks by printing and coloring the bookmarks on our “Coloring” page. Talk about the icons on the bookmarks and where each place is. Point out the cities on a map.
  • Print and color pictures from our “Coloring” page. Talk about what Molly and Michael are doing in the picture and what special cultural elements the picture has.

Resources for Specific Titles

Click a book cover for resources to help your favorite reader get more from the Molly and the Magic Suitcase experience; vocabulary, translations, landmarks from the book, and more. Resources for more books will be posted in the coming weeks!

Resources for Molly Goes to Rio de Janiero

Resources for Molly Goes to Rome