Molly and the Magic Suitcase Books

Molly and her brother Michael have a magic suitcase which they received from their grandparents. They hold on to the suitcase and say the name of their destination – POOF!! They are quickly transported to the destination, to a place no one can see their (WHOOSH!!) arrival. They meet a local friend who shows them famous sights and local culture. They also learn a bit of the language.

Inspired by food, friends, and family, Molly and Michael travel, explore, and learn about places near and far. The only boundary is their curiosity! Click a book cover to get your books on Visit the Kindle store now for the Kindle edition.

Molly Goes to Panama

Molly and Michael journey to Panama to learn about pirates and discover so much more! In their first Central American adventure they sample authentic Panamanian cuisine, learn traditional folk dancing, see exotic wildlife, and more. Traveling the mountains, cities, and seas, they find a rich culture (or two!) in a beautiful land.

European Adventures

Experience four of Molly’s European books—Molly Goes to London, Molly Goes to Copenhagen, Molly Goes to Rome, and Molly Goes to Barcelona—in this enchanting hardcover collection.

Pan-American Adventures

Experience four of Molly’s Pan-American books—Molly Goes to Peru, Molly Goes to Rio de Janeiro, Molly Goes to Puerto Rico, and Molly Goes to Panama—in this exciting hardcover collection.

Molly Goes to Shanghai

Molly and Michael travel to Shanghai, China in their ninth adventure. They meet a new friend, Nan Nan, who shows them the modern wonders and ancient secrets of the city. There is much to discover, including new games, foods, beautiful places and language! Learn, along with Molly and Michael, what makes Shanghai and its people unique and wonderful.

Molly Goes to Sydney

Molly and Michael journey to beautiful Sydney, Australia in their seventh adventure. They meet Wesley who shows them Sydney’s fabulous beach culture. They surf, snorkle, play cricket, and barbeque on the beach. Wesley also shows them Australia’s amazing wildlife, the iconic Sydney Opera House, Luna Park, and more. Molly and Michael see faraway places and different customs, and at the same time learn that people everywhere share much in common.

Molly Goes to Puerto Rico

Join Molly and Michael as they learn about the culture of Puerto Rico. Their new friend Alana shows them around the island’s beautiful beaches, ancient cities, lush rainforests, and imposing fortresses. From food to dancing and museums to zip lines, Molly and Michael’s sixth adventure shares the unique experience Puerto Rico offers.

Molly Goes to Rome

The first adventure in the Molly and the Magic Suitcase series shows Molly and Michael travelling to Rome, Italy. There, they meet Marco who tells them all about the city and what kids do for fun. You and your child can visit the Colosseum, learn to eat spaghetti like an Italian, play a new game and more in this engaging book.

Molly Goes to Barcelona

Michael and Molly visit Barcelona and learn about the city’s culture in their second adventure. They find a new friend in Francesca and learn about Gaudi’s amazing architecture, try fun new food, see the wonders on Las Ramblas, and much more. Share their experiences in this unique story.

Molly Goes to Rio de Janeiro

Molly and Michael visit beautiful Rio de Janeiro in their tenth adventure. They meet Lívia who teaches them all about Rio’s stunning beaches, distinctive music, unique food, and Portuguese language. They see the Santa Teresa neighborhood, the beautiful views from the Corcovado, Sugarloaf Mountain, and the amazing Botanical Gardens. Join Molly and Michael for this great adventure, unlike any other!

Molly Goes to Copenhagen

Inspired by the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, Molly and Michael explore the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. New friends introduce them to historical places, modern delights, enticing flavors, and exciting experiences. See The Little Mermaid statue, castles, Tivoli theme park, and plenty of Hans Christian Andersen in the fifth Molly and the Magic Suitcase adventure.

Molly Goes to Peru

Molly and Michael delve into the modern marvels and ancient mysteries of South America in their fourth adventure. They visit the amazing ruins of Machu Picchu, see the incredible floating islands of Uros, taste new food, try traditional clothing, learn a new dance and much more. Share their breathtaking experience in Molly Goes to Peru.

Molly Goes to Thailand

Join Molly and Michael on their most exotic adventure yet! Inspired by a school project, they explore the ancient wonders and the modern culture of Thailand. Play a fascinating new game, enjoy unique food and flavors, splash on the beautiful beaches, and take an amazing trip to the mountains with Molly and Michael in this one-of-a-kind story.

The Story of the Suitcase

“How does the suitcase work?” “Where did it come from?” Molly and Michael want answers from their grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa, however, have questions of their own before they reveal the story of Molly and Michael’s great-great Grandfather Felix. Felix Clevenger was a young man from a small town when he was sent to work in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. With simple curiosity as his guide, he gets to know the city and discovers the greatest treasure anyone can have: friendship. Join Molly and Michael in their fascinating journey of discovery as they learn the history and true meaning of their magic suitcase.

The Shield of Horatius

Enjoy the first chapter book with Molly and Michael!

Marco Vittorini’s family has a secret. For hundreds of years they protected the location of an ancient artifact. When Molly and Michael help Marco unravel a part of the puzzle, others take notice–including an unknown rival.

Simple curiosity leads to a race against time through the streets of Rome. The search takes them through churches, museums, and ruins. They witness an attack on the city through the words of a mysterious figure known as the Rescuer. The three friends use every talent they have, but will it be enough? Join Molly and Michael for a mystery 2,500 years in the making.

Molly Goes to London

Molly and Michael’s eleventh adventure takes them to London, England, in the United Kingdom. There they visit Buckingham Palace, ride the London Eye, play a game of rugby, and learn all about how to have a proper English tea party. Molly and Michael experience London, both old and new, in this enchanting British adventure.